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The Australian Service Dog is Special.

They have an inbuilt sensitivity and seems to 'understand'  when it's time to be quiet and calm - especially with young children and people with special needs and challenges.  They were created to be a loyal and faithful companion with empathy towards others. As a PURE BREED (not a Cross Breed), there is a Breed Standard which makes these wonderful dogs great companions and well suited to spending time with those who may have special needs.

Many of our dogs spend time in Schools, Homes for the Elderly and in families where there may be anxious members who need some extra emotional support and tender loving doodle care.  Sometimes owners are able to link up with organisations such as Pets As Therapy (PAT) who can help with training and volunteering.

One of our ASDs, Digby from Devon, was able to serve alongside his owner in the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service where he helped to diffuse stressful situations and even save lives.  He has certainly made the headlines with his amazing ability to win hearts and minds - he is without doubt a credit to the Breed and typifies their superb nature and joie de vivre. 


He and his owner have now retired from the Service but are still spreading the Doodle Love and help Students at their local College to destress before going into Exams.  Well done Digby!

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