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Sunnie (left) quickly had playmates to keep her company and our love for the ASD kept on growing.

Our spacious home has extensive gardens and a large Orchard  where the dogs love to play.


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Our Story

Our passion for our ASDs came about from my mother in law and sister in law, Julie and Rai from Raisdoodles and Manorborn, who brought these amazing dogs to the UK from Australia in the early 2000s.  Thanks to Julie and Rai, our first little ray of sunshine 'Sunnie' slotted right into our home and it's fair to say, we never looked back.

Having previous experience breeding beautiful KC Accredited Labradors (Winlunds Labradors) for many years, my husband and I set about helping to establish the ASD breed in the UK and doing what we could to educate dog lovers about these amazing dogs.  Doodledoos, Manorborn, Raisdoodles and the UKALC were born from a family's love of the ASD and their consistent ability to win hearts and offer unconditional love and companionship.   After our Labradors retired, we felt that the way forward was to bring more ASDs into our home and with Julie and Rai's continued help and guidance, we have been able to promote the breed and share the Doodle-joy to many many families both in the UK and Overseas.

I am a Yorkshire girl who converted to the 'southern hemisphere' gradually after spending time at Secretarial College in Oxford and then subsequently working in London for very high profile employers for several years.  In 1993 the intoxicating Herefordshire Countryside got the better of me and I found  myself married to a farmer with two beautiful children and a home full of dogs.   The rest, as they say, is history.

With an Ofqual Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare and thirty years of breeding experience my passion for the ASD runs deep.  My family and I strive to bring this beguiling breed into the lives of others by raising our puppies in the best way we possibly can.  Our aim is to introduce other families to the ASD and to offer our customers a positive and happy experience in buying a puppy. 

"It's a family thing".

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All the family love getting involved with the dogs and our children have grown up alongside our Labradors, Shelties, German Shepherd and ASDs.

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My own love of dogs began in 1973 when I had my first Labrador puppy, Amber, below.

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