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Our Visiting Policy

Due to the ever changing government guidelines and our commitment to the implementation of our strict procedures to control and minimalise infectious diseases and maintain our high level of bio security measures, view days are no longer being held at Doodledoos.  It is therefore extremely important that customers understand (before committing to us) that it will not be possible to visit our home prior to collecting their puppy or just to visit our dogs.  To compensate for this, and once you have been allocated a puppy from a particular litter, we will send regular pupdates via video clips and photos so you can watch the puppies develop and see the parents.  Tutorials and advice are often shared in these weekly clips which can run between 5 and 15 minutes in length.  Details of all our breeding dogs together with their health tests are detailed on our website.  We work with our customers to provide them with all the information they need in order to help them make the right choice and always give advice whenever it is needed.  It is vital that both parties are happy and understand the importance of keeping the puppies safe at such a tender and vulnerable time in their lives.

Infectious diseases are invisible to the naked eye and can be spread unwittingly by those visiting various breeding establishments 'looking' to purchase a puppy.  Because we are a private home and offer a domestic breeding environment for our dogs and puppies, we have set a strict procedure in place which is respectful to the puppies, our purchasers and of course our own family.   If you feel that you are unable to make a quality decision without first visiting a breeder and seeing the puppies before you commit, we would advise that you do thorough research and speak with a breeder AT LENGTH before visiting any breeding establishment. 


Please note that to meet the Higher Standards Five Star Breeding Licence, our premises and records are regularly scrutinised by our Local Authority which should give customers confidence and assurance that our measures are for the wellbeing of all concerned and go over and above the guidelines set out by DEFRA.  Out of respect for those customers already on the waiting list and their growing puppies, we do not allow visitors who would 'just like to look' at either the puppies or our adult dogs. 



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