The Australian Labradoodle
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What's the difference between an Australian Labradoodle and an English Labradoodle?

The main difference to consider between the Labradoodle Origin (English Labradoodle) and the 100% Australian Labradoodle is the quality of the coat.


The 100% PURE Australian Labradoodle is the only Labradoodle that DOES NOT SHED.  They have wool or fleece coats that need professional grooming every 8-10 weeks to keep them tidy and matt free.


The English Labradoodle Origin will vary between high shedding to low shedding with varying coat types and sizes in just one litter.


The Australian Labradoodle is a breed that has finished being crossed.  It is a recognised breed with it's own merits and Breed Standard (though not KC registered) which must be maintained in order to fulfil it's primary role as a Service Dog for people with mental and physical challenges as well as serious hair related allergies.


MINIATURE 14-17"  Approx 8-14kg

MEDIUM 18-22"       Approx 15-24kg

STANDARD 23-27"   Approx 25-40kg

Height is measured to the withers (shoulders).

The Pure Australian Labradoodle is a most beguiling breed of dog - they very quickly capture the imagination and hearts of dog lovers of all ages, around the world.  It is true that they have a great affinity with children and are very responsive to good consistent training, making them a joy to have in the family home.  The Australian Labradoodle really does tick the boxes for so many families and the low to non shedding coats make them an even bigger attraction for those who have had difficulty in finding a dog that doesn't trigger hair related allergies.


There have been attempts over the years to produce a dog that was suitable for Therapy and Companionship for mentally and physically challenged people of all age groups.  There was one main issue - SHEDDING.  Allergies to pet hair are becoming more and more common, so it was vital for a Service Dog to not cast it's hair and have low odour.

The Australian creators and Founders of the Pure Australian Labradoodle, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park, dedicated over 20 years developing and infusing carefully selected breeds to produce a wonderful Service Dog that would provide companionship and therapy for mentally and physically challenged adults and children and that would be suited to those with hair allergies.  These breeds included:


The Labrador

The Poodle

The American Cocker Spaniel,

The English Cocker Spaniel,

The Irish Water Spaniel

And more latterly the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


The Australian Labradoodle has inherited the wonderful qualities of these breeds to produce a dog that does not shed, can retrieve, pick up, and be responsive to good consistent training and provide ideal companionship and sound temperament for those who need a faithful friend to love and help.  The breed has been taken around the world by discerning breeders who have made huge financial and emotional investment to enable others to enjoy and live side by side with these wonderful dogs. It is true to say that the Australian Labradoodle is not JUST a cross breed - it's SPECIAL!


There are very few breeders of PURE Australian Labradoodle in the UK and genuine puppies are RARE - sometimes it's necessary to wait for the right puppy. The breeders of 100% Genuine Australian Labradoodles in the UK have made huge personal commitments to introduce the breed over here and to promote their wonderful qualities. At Doodledoos we adhere to the International Code of Ethics concerning the Australian Labradoodles and wholeheartedly support the Australian Breeding Programme to ensure the breed is not brought into disrepute and to preserve the Purity of the Breed.  This is essential in order to maintain the wonderful qualities and high Breed Standard.


We are often approached by families with autistic or anxious members who would benefit from the unconditional love and companionship of an Australian Labradoodle.  In most cases, the results are highly beneficial and often life changing.  The breed (which is suited to families of all age ranges whether or not there are any special needs within the family) comes in miniature, medium and standard sizes, with coat colours that would give any Chocolate Box a run for its money.  Chocolate, Cream, Caramel, Gold, Apricot, Red, Parti and Cafe, there are beautiful colours to appeal to everyone.


Our Allergies Page has more information about the comparisons between the English Labradoodle and the Australian Labradoodle.