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The Australian Service Dog has a coat that continues to grow and does not shed/moult.  For this reason it is vital that you have your dog professionally groomed approximately every 6-8 weeks and maintain the coat yourself in between grooms.  Some of our customers learn to groom their own dogs without having to visit the salon.

A typical ASD puppy will need grooming professionally by around 5 months of age and especially when the coat starts to mature from puppy coat to adult around this time, taking care to maintain the areas around the inner thighs, eyes, mouth and ears.  Without regular attention to the coat in between grooms, your puppy will become knotted and matted which will be distressing and upsetting particularly if your puppy has to be shaved in order to get the mats off.  

We recommend you get some basic Grooming tools so that you can help get your puppy used to being groomed and handled at home and maybe visit the Grooming Salon to meet the groomer to become acquainted prior to the first groom.

For regular home grooming you will need:

A steel tooth comb (buttercomb)

Flexible or Universal Slicker Brush (Artero)

Thinning sheers

Bullnosed safety scissors

Thornit Ear Powder

We highly recommend watching some Youtube clips to help you look after your puppy's coat.

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