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How to Reserve a Doodledoos Puppy


Tell me about your family members, any allergies, dog experiences and the age of any children.

Please provide a photo of your Garden and confirm it is a secure place for your puppy to play and exercise.


What do you enjoy doing as a family and who is at home most of the day to care for a puppy? 

Do you have local support to help look after a puppy for you when you are all out of the house?


What kind of work schedule do you have and are there any occasions you are all out of the house for longer than an hour?

The Australian Labradoodle hates being left alone.


Have you researched the Australian Labradoodle Breed and read/agree to our Code of Ethics?

Pre Purchase research is essential for all pet owners - Please ask questions BEFORE committing.

How our


Hugo painting.jpeg
Lykke and Leo c.jpg


Tell us about yourself in an Email, telephone call or use the Form on our Contact Page.  Please include your work and family commitments and a photo of your garden. 


We need assurance that you are competent and can provide a suitable home.

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