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How to Reserve a Doodledoos Puppy

Please get in touch to tell us about yourself.  We welcome Email/Telephone enquiries only (or via the Contact Form).  

We are sorry we cannot respond to texts, Whatsapp or Facebook Enquiries.  Thank you.


Tell us about yourself in an Email, telephone call or use the Form on our Contact Page.  Please include your work and family commitments and a photo of your garden.  There are some questions below that will help you to let us know your circumstances.  I am sorry but we cannot help if you don't provide this information.



Once we have received your enquiry, we will let you know when we can help you.  We have a LONG waiting list (see below) so you must be prepared to wait for a puppy from Doodledoos.


Provided your criteria is suitable for one of our puppies (ie lifestyle/garden/home/suitability) we will send you details about how to join our waiting list.  This involves paying a deposit of £300 which is not refundable, so please ensure that you carry out sufficient research and ask questions before you commit. 


We do not support customers who leave multiple deposits with various breeders.


Provided both parties are happy, your deposit will secure a puppy at a time frame confirmed by ourselves.  On receipt of this, we will send you our detailed Ebook (which is exclusively for our Puppy Customers) and a Receipt for your deposit payment.  We will keep in touch regularly until we can bring you the good news that we have a puppy for you.

We will also send you our Reservation Form which will give you the opportunity to tell us about your preferences, agree to our Code of Ethics and to provide your contact details.


Tell me about your family members, any allergies, dog experiences and the age of any children.

Please provide a photo of your Garden and confirm it is a secure place for your puppy to play and exercise.


What do you enjoy doing as a family and who is at home most of the day to care for a puppy? 

Do you have local support to help look after a puppy for you when you are all out of the house?


What kind of work schedule do you have and are there any occasions you are all out of the house for longer than an hour?

The Australian Labradoodle hates being left alone.


Have you researched the Australian Labradoodle Breed and read/agree to our Code of Ethics?

Pre Purchase research is essential for all pet owners - Please ask questions BEFORE committing.

We are currently reserving for



We ask that you read through our Code of Ethics and make sure that you agree to them BEFORE reserving a puppy from us.  We hold a waiting list comprising of customers who are happy to wait for their puppy - often up to 18 months in advance. 

Deposits are non-refundable.  Should we have to let YOU down or we are unable to provide a puppy for you for any reason, then the deposit is of course refundable in that instance.  We will also refund your deposit if we feel at any stage that you are not suitable for one of our puppies. 

Our planned litters are all reserved before they are born, so customers join the waiting list with a deposit and we give you an estimated time that we believe we can help you by.   We cannot inform you about any available puppies if you are not on our waiting list sadly, so please do your research and only commit to one breeder with whom you feel comfortable.


You must let us know your work and family commitments by using the Contact Form or emailing the information to us.  We cannot respond to enquiries without this information. 


All our puppies are neutered at around 8-9 weeks of age in accordance with the Australian Labradoodle Code of Ethics and all customers must be aware that the costs involved are absorbed in the overall price of the puppy.

Each puppy receives all the necessary vaccinations before leaving us and is microchipped by myself as a qualified microchipper (P2171).

A full Puppy Pack is included with your Puppy and a Doodledoos Jute Bag contains some Royal Canin Food, Wipe up Kit for the journey home, your puppy's favourite blanket, favourite toy and other goodies.



Due to the ever changing government guidelines and our commitment to the implementation of our strict procedures to control and minimalise infectious diseases and maintain our high level  of bio security measures, view days are no longer being held at Doodledoos.  It is therefore extremely important that customers understand (before committing to us) that it will not be possible to visit our home prior to collecting their puppy.  To compensate for this, we send those who join our waiting list, a regular monthly newsletter to keep in touch and welcome phone calls and emails at any stage.  It is vital that both parties are happy and understand the importance of keeping the puppies safe at such a tender and vulnerable time in their lives.   Once you have been allocated a puppy from a particular litter, we will send regular pupdates via video clips and photos so you can watch the puppies develop and see the parents.  Details of all our breeding dogs together with their health tests are detailed on our website.  We work with our customers to provide regular video clips and photos to help them make the right choices and give advice.


Infectious diseases are invisible to the naked eye and can be spread unwittingly by those visiting various breeding establishments 'looking' to purchase a puppy.  Because we are a private home and offer a domestic breeding environment for our dogs and puppies, we have set a strict procedure in place which is respectful to the puppies, our purchasers and of course our own family.   If you feel that you are unable to make a quality decision without first visiting a breeder and seeing the puppies before you commit, we would advise that you do thorough research and speak with a breeder AT LENGTH before visiting any breeding establishment. 


Please note that to meet the Higher Standards Five Star Breeding Licence, our premises and records are regularly scrutinised by our Local Authority which should give customers confidence and assurance that our measures are for the wellbeing of all concerned and go over and above the guidelines set out by DEFRA.  Out of respect for those customers already on the waiting list and their growing puppies, we do not allow visitors who would 'just like to look' at either the puppies or our adult dogs. 



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